"Wild Oak is Wild Oak. If you have any questions, don't come." 

- Dennis Herr, Founder


the what?

the basics

The Wild Oak Trail is a 25+, 100+ and 200+ mile trail race in the George Washington National Forest near Mt. Solon, Virginia. The course is a 25+ mile loop with roughly 7,000 feet of vertical gain per loop.  While much of the trail surface is runnable, there are also rocky, difficult stretches that make smooth running very challenging, even for elite runners. Even finding the trailhead can be an adventure.  

There is no fee. There is no official aid. The course isn't marked. This not your average trail race. 

  • ALL runners are strongly encouraged to carry a compass and a map. Your navigation app will laugh at you. There are several fine maps available that cover this part of George Washington National Forest. Find them. 
  • Yep, unsupported. Bring it with you or do without.
  • Runners can do 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8  twenty five-ish mile loops. Heavy on the -ish.
  • Runners absolutely need to be able to find their own way. 
  • You must be able to navigate the course using just the tree blazes that you can see as your guide. The Wild Oak Trail is blazed white, so if you are running on a trail of a different color, you are off TWOT. 
  • There are no aid stations, no volunteers, no audience, no car rides back to the start. 
  • The participants are held 100% accountable for their own safety.

Recent course history:

The trail path was altered in the summer of 2016, adding mileage and resulting in the loss of some of the original elevation gain. All course records consider the new course. Reference previous course records set on the old trail course in the past results page. 

If you don't know about TWOT, the spring edition, or Hot TWOT, the fall edition, please learn more about them before you consider participating, both for your safety and the safety of the race. 

who's invited

Since this is a semi-invitational, here are some guidelines to help you determine if you are "invited", or, more aptly, not invited:

  • If you are even the least bit worried or concerned about getting lost, don't come.
  • If you have questions, don't come.
  • If you need a crew, don't come.
  • If you need toilet paper, don't come.
  • If you expect to be pampered in any way shape or form, don't come.
  • If you're a whiner, don't come.
  • If you're a freeloader, don't come.
  • If you're seeking fame and/or fortune, don't come.
  • If you're thinking about writing a report about your experience at Wild Oak, don't come.
  • If you crave abuse, if you yearn for abuse, if you are addicted to abuse in any way shape or form (be it physical, mental, sexual, verbal, mathematical, artistic or whatevah), please send an request for entry!
  • The above bullet point applies to abusees only. Abusers are not welcome. The only abuser allowed is the trail.

the when AND hOW?

Race Dates

There are two events under The Wild Oak Trail run banner. TWOT takes place in the chilly vestiges of February and  Hot TWOT examines the last of the leaf color changes in October. Temperatures vary and will likely be challenging. 


February 26-March 1st, 2020 


October 14-18, 2020 (to be confirmed

Please note that the event is usually held on the second weekend of February and October (in case we're still out there...). This does not apply for the February 2020 event. 


Available entry slots are limited per forest service permit. For all events, please kindly register in advance via thewildoak100@gmail.com. If you are unable to attend, send an advance notification to the same email so your spot may be transferred on to another unfortunate on the waiting list, if one has been created. See more on registration under registration below. 


the where? - arrival

you may ask yourself, how do I get there?

Directions that may work:

I-81 to Exit 240 then Rte 257 West to Bridgewater. Left on Main St. (Rte 42). Right on Rte 727 (right after crossing bridge). Six miles on 727 to Sangerville. Left on Rte 730. Six miles on 730. Right on Rte 718. One mile on 718. Cross cement bridge, do a right-left dogleg onto FDR 95. 0.1 mile on 95 to trailhead parking lot on the right.

There is limited parking in the small lot right at the trail head. Only 100+ and 200+ mile participants are to park at trailhead (if there is room. There will likely be other trail users using the small lot, too). 


A secondary parking option is back down FDR 95 at its junction with Tillman Road/Tilghman Road, roughly 100 yards from the parking lot entrance. You would be wise to park here instead. Do NOT park in front of the entrance to the girl scout camp (Camp May Flather), which you will pass just before the road junction on your way in. And do NOT park in front of any gates! See Antoinette for clarification if you arrive and have questions regarding the parking. Please carpool if possible, as parking can be tight if we get too many vehicles. 

WARNING!!  Some navigational aids, such as Garmin, have provided unreliable directions to the start at the TWOT lot. In the past  Google Maps is reliable, and a query of "Wild Oak Trail, Fr 95, West Augusta, VA" will lead you directly to the correct parking area.  To be safe, use the directions here and consult a paper map.


the where? - trailhead

Drop bags

We are happy to accommodate dropping the bags, however picking them up is the responsibility of the runner. Bags are to be marked with runner name and cross-road destination. 

Note: All foods in these bags must be sealed with bear resistant pouches. Bears tore a bin to shreds in 2017. For  good stories about this event, ask Ed Rangle and Dennis Herr who also witnessed this unusual occurrence.

Cut-off Time

Official race cut off time for the 100 is 48 hours and 12 hours for the one loopers. 

The 100 time limit beginning in 2020 marks a decrease from previous year's 50 hour time limit. 


Prepare for a delay in the results going live. Maybe a week, maybe a month, but in the past, amendments have taken more than a year.



There are no official facilities other than the woods. Bring a trowel and a baggie or two. 



There are woods around the parking lot where tents may pitch easily. Bring water. 

Runner Fitness and DNFs

Before each loop, runners must self-assess to determine they are in condition to last an entire loop. If a runner drops at one of the road crossings, no one will be there to give a lift back. It is a 9 mile trek to the Main Lot from the road crossings; all runners are encouraged to know the way back. 

Please Note: We do NOT encourage runners to accept rides from strangers. 


the who?

Dennis Herr and another animal a few years ago... (photo by Dr. George Wortley)




If you don’t know who Dennis Herr is, read up on him before you come. This is his race you're running. Ask your running friends before and during the event, they’ll know.
If you don't have any running friends who know, get some new ones who do, or read this:

Dennis is an athletic animal, hence his nickname Dennis “The Animal” Herr. He created Wild Oak 30 years ago, making it one of the longest-running, grass-roots ultramarathons in the country. He first ran Old Dominion 100 miler in 1982. He was a Barkley “Fun Run” finisher in 1991, winning by running the furthest distance covered that year. He ran Barkley from 1990-1995 and 1999, completing 1 loop each time. “The Animal” was known as an aggressively competitive athlete with his skill sets ranging from runner to mountain adventurer to road cyclist and triathlete. He expanded his dominance over the East Coast mountain scene to the West Coast where he tackled 14ers. Today, Dennis mountain bikes tens of thousands of miles per year. Wild Oak is only one of many events he has organized and coordinated.

Please kindly note: Because of a cycling accident, Dennis lost his hearing and sense of balance. When you speak with him, look him directly in the face and articulate clearly. Do not be surprised if he leans on you for balance. 

Also note: The most important quality of Wild Oak is respect. Respect for race policies and traditions, fellow adventurers, and especially the terra firma you will travel.  

In 2016, Dennis Herr passed the TWOT reins onto Anotinette Landragin, the current RD.  Antoinette's raced 8, 12, and 24 hour events, 50k, 50 milers, 100 milers, and finished the 2013 Tom's Run 200 miler, which got her thinking... While retired from racing, she is a proclaimed Barkley and TWOT sideline warrior, a wine scholar and educator, business owner, and avid international traveler. And she just might surprise you by cheering and jeering you on somewhere on the course. She can stay awake longer than anyone you know. 

In 2019 after a lengthy and heated search committee review and vetting period,  TWOT vet Guy Towler was ordained as Assistant RD. Guy's a three time TWOT finisher, including rising to repeat offender status (Cold and Hot TWOT finishes in the same year) in 2017. He's raced all over the eastern seaboard including finishes at Massanutten Mountain Trails 100, and the Cloudsplitter 100. He loves tough mountain courses, crewing and pacing friends, and is a recent volunteer of the year nominee. Wanders often - never lost. He can be reached at guy.towler@gmail.com


If running is a dance of human exuberance then The Wild Oak Trail is a splendidly confusing mosh pit of painfully exhaustive solitude.

Dennis Herr and Antoinette Landragin console a weary John Kelly after his, and the only, sub-24 100+ mile completion in 2018. Learn more about his adventure here. 

the other

registration + responsibilities


Entry is via email, so if you want to run TWOT or Hot TWOT, please email Antoinette at  thewildoak100@gmail.com

Please include in your email:   

  • Name, Race Day Age, Gender, State/Country and Emergency Cell Phone Number.  
  • Please also include your anticipated racing distance and your start date (either Friday at 8 AM or Saturday at 8 AM).  
  • If you are attending with a group, please send names of all participants for our records.  
  • All four-loop hopefuls also include your t-shirt size and physical mailing address.  
  • All participants should plan to bring one gallon/3 liter bottle of water and another drink of choice such as soda or an electrolyte drink, and one food item for use in the common aid for the race. 
  • As this is a free event, the aid for this event is FOR the runners BY the runners. The more aid you bring, the more you will have to enjoy!

Runners are responsible for themselves and are required to sign a liability waiver before race start. All expenses of search and rescue are the runner's responsibility. The Wild Oak Trail Run management takes no responsibility whatsoever for any losses, injuries, or expenses occurred while runners are on the trail.

TWOT 200


New for 2020 is an 8 lap, +200 mile challenge with a 98 hour time limit. Runners will begin on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m.  Like the 100 mile challenge, this is completely unsupported with no pacers, no crew, and no spectators permitted.  This is a demanding and exhausting course. Please don't  overestimate your abilities. You've been warned. 

In addition to registration requirements listed to the left, participants must provide an explanation on why they are qualified to run this distance. Runners with no previous TWOT 100 experience must provide additional detail in their reasoning. Serious intentions only, please. 

Please note that preparations for the inaugural February 2020 TWOT 200 are ongoing - please check back to this site for updates or email the race director. Thank you for your patience.  

A course gpx file from a previous participant who likely didn't get lost is available. Please email the race director. 

legalities, updates + results


The chosen entry category of 1, 4, or 8 loops is to be declared at registration via email to the RD. The submission date of said registration is to the runner’s discretion with the official cut-off dated one week prior to the race start. At this time, acceptance emails and race instructions are officially released to participants. Changes to a declared intention, represented here as a change in the number of loops in either direction, will result in the participation being categorized as a “fun-run” for the runner with no official finisher’s time recorded for any distance. 

Declarations will be officially confirmed at the race start. There will be no aid stations, no pacers, no crew, and no spectators. Drop bags will be facilitated, with runners required to pick them up at the end of their race. Runners are required to self-manage and self-extract. This is a demanding and exhausting course, known to be the most difficult ultramarathon on the east coast. Please don't overestimate your abilities. You've been warned. Zero tolerance and automatic DQ for the following: littering, poor sportsmanship, visibly inadequate preparation, inability to follow race rules.

Race updates available by following the @TWOT 100 Twitter feed, the @TWOT 200 Twitter feed and  @twot100 Instagram page. 

Past results can be accessed via the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club's The Wild Oak Trail 100 Mile website. Thank you to Quattro Hubbard his maintenance of this website. VHTRC is not officially a sponsor of the race, but their support is appreciated.